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Friendship Series

A set of three books about friendship and romance

Is being in love equal to being in death? A heartwarming tale about Ranvir and Aditya, two best buddies. Will the onset of romantic developments in their personal lives alter their friendship and bonding? Author Akhila Sriram brings out a soul-stirring charm to her first novella.


In Love In Death

October 2020

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Book II in Friendship Series

Kalpana - An intelligent, strong-willed woman who lost her mother at 11. She adores her father, Narasimhan, and his every wish is her command. She agrees to marry a man of her father’s choice. Narasimhan is ecstatic until the bridegroom creates a rift.

Sridhar - A smart young police officer who is all set to marry Kalpana. Fate intervenes in the form of his cousin, Nithya, who, because of his past actions, is hell-bound on taking revenge on him

Arjun Madhav - A charming and kind-hearted man who made a promise to himself when Kalpana’s mother lay lifeless that he would protect her. Will he, even at the cost of his happiness?

Gayathri - A bubbly young woman who is pressured to marry Arjun by her family when she is in love with Vikas.

Vikas - A family-oriented man who tolerates Gayathri because she is Veena’s sister. Will his undying devotion to Ranvir’s wife, Veena, create or solve the problem?

Shiva - Who is madly in love with his cousin, Nithya, who plays the villain in his brother’s life.

Their world is turned topsy-turvy by their own deeds and that of their family. Will they be able to find their love, satisfy their desires and discover happiness if they are stuck with each other?

Check out this romantic comedy, a spicy Indian family drama that will take you on a roller-coaster ride of love and hatred, romance and revenge and friendship and deception.

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Published works: Work
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