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About Me

Akhila Sriram is a postgraduate in Nutrition and Dietetics. She practised as a registered dietitian for a few years and moved to freelance. Currently, she is Director-admin in a project management company, offering PMC services to hotels, hospitals and IT parks – a company founded by her husband, VS Sriram.
She is an avid reader, a foodie and a movie buff. She loves road trips; long drives kindle her imagination on different situations in life – some make-believe, some true. She often ponders on what-ifs and if onlys. This generates a wide range of story ideas in her mind, and so far, two have turned into novels. Her genre, typically, is Indian romance, involving the complexities of relationships within Indian families. She enjoys experimenting with her culinary skills at times to the delight or annoyance of her family. Akhila lives in Chennai, India along with her husband and two kids.

About Me: About Me
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