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A distant alarm sound penetrated my sleepy mind, and I fumbled through the bedside items for my iPhone. I pressed the snooze button and went back to my happy state of half-sleep and half wakefulness. Again, the alarm went off and again the snooze button. It continued for 3 to 4 times and I half opened my eyes and glanced at the mobile as I pressed the snooze. The mobile digital clock showed the time to be 6 am.

The morning rays, mild noise of vehicles on the road, and voices of vegetable vendors filtered through my window, thus making me bid a last goodbye to my lazy self.

I had my usual yet most priced steaming cup of hot coffee as my eyes skimmed through the morning newspaper. After relaxing for a few minutes, I started yoga, stretching the body and mind to my maximum limit. The irresistible allure of pranayama drew me in and I became oblivious to everything except my body and breath. As I closed my eyes and relaxed. I played my favourite music by Pt. Ravishankar. Music, breath, and fleeting mundane thoughts filled me for the next 20 minutes. Slowly when I opened my eyes, I saw a new room in the old one.

I was ready to start my day with a fresh body and limitless mind. Letting go of yesterdays and past scars. I got up with a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

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